The Dire Situation

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The Story So Far
A brief summation

After a stormy arrival on the island, our heroes were enlisted by Sarah, Captain of the Caladian Royal Guard, to solve child disappearances on the outlying farms. After uncovering the king's involvement with child sacrifice for a shadowy purpose, our heroes overthrew the illusionist-necromancer king Mallas from his high throne in Calad.

After Mas, the dark king's lost brother and Seeker of the Brotherhood of Shadow, assumed the throne and all seemed well, our heroes were sent on a rudimentary expedition towards Calad's outer borders to deal with a proliferation of undead.

Our heroes arrived in Gorespell, a formerly-popular nexus town between Calad, Cravenrest, and Ulfthart, and journeyed into the mountains to deal with the undead threat- and after discovering that the dread king Mallas isn't quite as dead as assumed, they discovered the fact that he had made a covenant with a cosmic entity known as The Contractor (who deals with transportation). After finding new allies in Ulfthart, our heroes clashed against the encroaching undead and fought off a betrayal by the treacherous dark paladin Gaelin, who wielded a mysterious green power.

Returning to Calad victorious, our heroes spent the next three months pursuing personal goals before the kingdom celebrated a long-neglected Golden Harvest Festival in Calad. During the nighttime celebrations, however, a massive undead horde assaulted the city. Our heroes led the defense, managing to prevent the incursion from harming the citizens and guests, though dozens of people were abducted to a mysterious, remote location in the uncharted Le Khor Jungle.

The morning after, our heroes discovered that the Brotherhood of Shadow and Calad's king had disappeared in the fighting, and tracked them to a cave. Our heroes then clashed briefly against two dire hunters; Feron and Isaache, and discovered that the Brotherhood has been captured by Mallas.

The threat of the usurped king Mallas and his seven Dire Hunters now looms over the island.

The Kingdoms

Calad is the kingdom of humans and tyranny- its central location and advanced military allowed it to expand far past any other on Drudlein, and its dreaded former king proved ruthless enough to keep his throne for forty years. After its recent revolution and renovation, its denizens are becoming more warm and open, but the dark king's influence remains.

Ulfthart, mountainous land of orcs, remains the only subterranean kingdom in Drudlein after Calad exterminated all of Ordometus, kingdom of dwarves, three decades prior. Its treacherous terrain and peripheral chasms belay a contrary spirit- home to hearty and brawny folk, Ulfthart remains the friendliest kingdom on Drudlein, and its royal couple are no different!

Cravenrest, located on the craggy western stretches of the island, is the magic-laden home to the elven race on Drudlein. Embedded with ideas of magical and racial superiority, Cravenrest's elven citizens utilize human slaves for all mundane purposes, and its renowned Astral Academy continuously churns out wizards and sorcerers for the glory of the state. However, the winds of change have stirred up a rebellion by the slave class, spearheaded by a powerful mage of its own.

Tel Hollow, idyllic kingdom of gnomes and halflings, has remained detached from conflicts on the continent's history, and remains with minimal military and government. It's home to a myriad of magical creatures, all of which have been domesticated by the locals. However, the inhabitants know nothing of hospitality, and anyone outside the tight-knit community is shunned by the locale.


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