The former necromancer king of Calad.


A fifty-year old man of average height but emaciated appearance, Mallas’s body shows the markings of a necromancer. Bony, frail-looking fingers, rubbery skin, and blackened eyes are the trademark signs of a man who deals with dark magic.


The younger brother to the royal Caladian couple, Mallas was always magically talented. He had a penchant for trickery and a fascination with death, but it was never considered serious. Things took a sharp turn on the day of his brother’s coronation. In the moment of the passing, the seventeen-year old Mallas killed his parents and the royal procession with a gesture, subsequently raising their corpses as undead thralls. From that day forward, Calad became synonymous with tyranny on Drudlein- Mallas consolidated his power, eliminating all rivals in short succession and establishing a secret police- known as the Dire Hunters- and set about


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